About Us

- With the history of the decades -

Daisuke Ishioka, CEO

Our mission at Hattendo International is not just about making great products that our customers love – it is about creating new and unique experiences that people can share with their loved ones. As CEO, my goal is to provide customers and business partners from around the world with exciting new business models.

Originally established in Japan, the Japanese craftsmanship and perfectionism are deeply rooted in everything we do, be it how we fine-tune our dishes or how we select each and every ingredient that goes into our products. But we also pride ourselves in being open and innovative. That is why whenever we launch a store outside of Japan, we are committed to taking in the distinct characteristics of each country. It does take countless trial and error – but I feel that it is through these experiences that we deepen our understanding of our brand’s true identity and how we can maximize our potential to make people happy.

With customers valuing the “experiences” and “emotions” more than ever, Hattendo International is determined to further evolve as a company, creating “products” and “spaces” that appeal to all five senses to provide experiences that you’ve never experienced before.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey!