Hattendo’s first Café Bar & Roasting Gallery in the world

3 years have passed since we arrived in Singapore, finally opened new concept flagship shop at legendary place Dorsett, Outram Park MRT station.
Maintaining the principle of “Hattendo Homemade Happiness”, we welcome you to embark on the new journey for our speciality coffee, finest meals and alcohol with signature cream bun.
During the daytime, Hattendo Café provides you a new fusion menu and delicious cream bun for the refreshment in betwee of your busy day.
In the night time, enjoy long chill out night with new alcohol and bar snack in Hattendo Bar.
All day for coffee lovers, Hattendo Roasting Gallery brings you a new experience of choosing beans from selected localities and also roasting levels as your preferences, realized with the first smart coffee roaster in Singapore. Bring freshly roasted and brewed coffee beans right in front of you to your sweet place right away.
We are delighted to share this happiness, made from the finest ingredients and our passion for perfection, with the people of the world.


“Hattendo, Homemade, Happiness” という変わらない理念の元、看板商品であるクリームパンに加えて、こだわり抜いたコーヒーと良質な料理、そしてアルコール類をご堪能ください。

About Us

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