Hattendo’s first Cafe Bar & Roasting Gallery in the world

In April 2020, after 4 years of serving customers in Singapore, we are happy to announce the launch of new flagship store “PIPES by HATTENDO” with a brand new concept at the legendary Dorsett Residences, right above the Outram Park MRT station.

“Hattendo Homemade Happiness”, continues to be our principle as we welcome you to embark on a new journey with us for specialty coffee, finest meals and alcohol along with our signature cream buns.

During the day, Hattendo Cafe serves a new fusion menu and delicious cream buns to provide customers with a refreshing break on a busy day.

In the evening, enjoy a relaxing night at Hattendo Bar with savouring chef’s special dishes and newly selected booze.

As a showroom for “NOVO MARK Ⅱ”, the first fully automated coffee roaster in Singapore, Hattendo Roasting Gallery brings you an exciting new experience - customers can now choose specialty coffee beans from the best beans sourced from around the world and also roast them on the spot, to their desired roasting degree, all made possible with the coffee roaster from Kyoto, Japan. Bring home a bag of freshly roasted and brewed coffee beans to enjoy with your friends and family.

With the finest ingredients and Hattendo’s passion for perfection, we look forward to putting more smiles on our customers’ faces in Singapore.

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2020年4月。シンガポールに進出して四年、真新しいコンセプトの旗艦店「PIPES by HATTENDO」がオートラムパーク駅直結ドーセットレジデンスの玄関口に立ち上がります。

“Hattendo, Homemade, Happiness” という変わらない理念の元、看板商品である「くりーむパン」に加え、店内で焙煎したコーヒーと良質な料理、そして選び抜かれたアルコール類を、ゆったりと寛ぎながらご堪能ください。



また八天堂ロースティングギャラリーは、シンガポール初導入となるメイドイン京都の魅せるショップロースター「NOVO MARK Ⅱ」のショールームを兼ね、厳選された産地から届いたスペシャルティグレードのコーヒー豆のみを、お好みに応じて焙煎していただけます。ご自身の目の前で徐々に焼きあがる煎りたてのコーヒー豆を、是非ご家庭やオフィスでもご賞味ください。


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